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Top 10 Healthiest Cereals

Top 10 Healthiest Cereals

Shopping for cereal can be confusing because of the many different options available. A healthy cereal should provide you with a bowl full of good nutrition: low calories, high fiber, high protein and packed with vitamins and minerals to give your body a healthy start to the day. Even with the nutritional benefits in mind, you also want to be sure that your cereal tastes good. With the right information you can be certain that your next bowl is going to be good for your health.

Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats
Frosted Mini Wheat's 24 biscuit serving offers a generous 6g of protein and 6g of fiber. This cereal earned a "good" rating overall by Consumer Reports, despite having 12g of sugar, because of its overall nutritional profile. At only 200 calories for this large serving, this cereal comes in several different flavors to give variety to your breakfast.
Honey Bunches of Oats 10 Grams of Whole Grain Goodness. Chock Full of Nutrition-and Taste!

Post Grape Nuts
While the half-cup serving size may seem small, these tiny nuggets are full of whole grains and are an excellent source of fiber with seven grams. Both the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and Canada's Food Guide recommend that every person receive at least half of their daily grains in the form of whole grains, making Grape Nuts a top pick. The 6g of protein you'll eat will keep you full as your morning passes. High in iron, Grape Nuts can also be a crunchy topping to a fruit and yogurt parfait.

General Mills Cheerios
Commonly given to children learning to eat table foods, Cheerios is a low-calorie choice with 100 calories per cup. This cereal tops the healthiest cereal list because of its low sugar content at just 1g. The Children's Hospital of Boston has selected Cheerios as a healthiest cereal pick, which should give parents confidence that their children are eating a healthy breakfast when they serve this cereal.

Kashi Go Lean Crunch
Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal's one cup serving is worth the 3g of fat it serves. This breakfast cereal comes with 9g of protein and 8g of fiber, which will leave you feeling satisfied longer. Its slight sweetness and cinnamon taste will leave your taste buds happy.

General Mills Total Whole Grain
Total Whole Grain cereal meets the criteria determined by the USDA's whole grain recommendations for an unsweetened, ready-to-eat cereal. With nearly 100 percent of most vitamins and minerals in a single 3/4 cup serving and just 5g of sugar, eating a bowl of Total cereal would eliminate your need for a multivitamin.

General Mills Fiber One
If high fiber is what you are after, Fiber One should be the box you reach for. With a substantial 14g of fiber in a half-cup portion, you will receive more than half of your daily fiber needs with just one serving. Top on the high fiber cereal list at Tufts University, Fiber One is low in calories, fat and sodium. This sugar-free cereal tastes great topped with fresh fruit.

Kellogg's Special K Protein Plus
Serious athletes and individuals with higher protein needs will be excited to taste these lightly sweetened flakes. Providing 10g of protein in a 3/4 cup portion, this low-calorie, low-sugar cereal also gives a high dose of fiber at 5g per serving. The University of Arizona recommends their student athletes carry high protein cereals in small bags to use as snacks, which is a solid snack recommendation for anyone needing extra protein.

General Mills Kix
With the slogan 'Kid Tested Mother Approved' printed on the box, Kix is worth a try. With one of the larger serving sizes among healthy cereals at 1 1/4 cup, Kix has a deliciously sweet taste with only 3g of sugar. Made with whole grain corn, Kix provides 3g of fiber in each bowl.

Kellogg's All Bran
Low in calories, this cereal offers a substantial 10g of fiber in each serving. With 4g of protein and only 80mg of sodium, this cereal can become a healthy part of your diet throughout the day. Kellogg's offers recipes to turn All Bran into delicious meal options, such as biscuits and a crumb coating for baked fish. For diabetics, bran cereals are recommended by the American Diabetes Association.

Quaker Oats-Quick Oats
With the oats rolled thinner during manufacturing, the quick oats variety of oatmeal retains their nutritional value but cook in less time. Each serving provides 5g of protein and 4g of fiber. The Mayo Clinic recommends oatmeal's soluble fiber as it may help to lower high cholesterol. Oatmeal offers you some flexibility to individualize your breakfast. Naturally low in sugar and sodium, try topping your bowl with dried fruit or cinnamon for added flavor.

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